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Breastfeeding Brownies By Magdalena Roze

Our good friend, super mama and creator of all things delicious, Magdalena Roze, shared her super tasty and nourishing breastfeeding brownie recipe with us. These gluten, refined sugar and dairy free chocolate brownies are a super easy one bowl wonder, choc-full of good fats & protein, and so delicious! The hero ingredient is black sesame (seeds & tahini) which is especially good for new mums (milk supply and depletion) and anti-ageing (everyone!). It’s revered for its age defying effects. INGREDIENTS:  40g cacao powder 60g almond meal or gluten free flour1 tsp baking powder80ml honey or maple syrup60g nut butter60g black tahini1 egg (or if vegan, 1Tbs chia seeds soaked in 3Tbs water for 15min)vanilla extract 90ml any milkPinch of sea salt2 Tbs black sesame...

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Umi in Japanese means the sea.. For our love of the ocean, the deep endless bluePeaceful, raging, calm, stormy, deep, mysterious, magical. So much plastic is ending up in this big beautiful ocean. At least 8 million tons of plastic end up in our ocean every year. Half of all seabirds and turtles have plastic in their stomachs. The Australian Marine conservation society has listed plastic bags as the number 1 most dangerous plastic product for ocean animals. We believe we all need to be making sustainable choices that will ensure our beloved ocean and planet can thrive for future generations to come.  With that in mind, we are donating $5 from each sale to Marine conservation Australia. They are...

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Stories of Parenthood no.1

Full Heart, Full Bladder - Hana Taninaka One night when I was pregnant with the twins I decided to take the night off from the kids and head out to dinner with a couple of girlfriends. These nights are so important when you are a parent. To get out, have a laugh and pass on all parenting responsibilities to your partner.  We ate heaps of pasta, my girlfriends drank heaps of wine, I ate heaps of desert. It was a good good time. At the end of the night we lingered outside, chatting and joking around. I started laughing so hard, a little bit of wee came out. 3rd pregnancy carrying twins - It's a heavy load.  I laughed at them...

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We Heart Bali

For the next week, we will be donating $30 from each sale towards our beloved Bumi Sehat in Ubud, Bali. Not only do they do amazing things for local mothers and babies, they also provide essential health services to the local community and they are currently going out everyday and feeding the poor, homeless and hungry.  This brand was born in Bali, as was Mia's first born Ziggy. We used to spend countless hours sitting in the hot dusty balinese traffic zig zagging across the island from villa, to manufacturer, to the dye house and back again. We were met with smiles everywhere we went, helpful, hospitable and happy. It was not always easy but it was a pleasure living and learning in...

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