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I started writing this last week but as I was writing I had the girls wrangling at my feet and then the 3 year old came screaming in with a cut up lip from a bike fall, the 5yr old and Mia’s boys all running around doing who knows what. It was wild and chaotic and running a business amongst it all is pretty much madness. 

We started TANINAKA when Mia had Ziggy and went live with the website just before Zephyr was born. As we’ve navigated our journeys and grown as mothers Taninaka has always been growing alongside too. As one of us would fall pregnant and be putting our energy into growing babies, the other would come in and take the reins of the business, and back and forth until 7 babies later here we are. 

Have you heard of that saying ‘when she mothered her own way she mothered her best way’? This runs true across our parenting and our business. Creating and running a brand that stays true to ourselves and what we believe in - organic, sustainable, ethical and happy living. 

As we come to a place where we have both have finished having any more babies, we have newfound energy and inspiration to put into the business. Exciting times ahead as we nurture and grow this 8th child! xx