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We always get soon-to-be-new-mama friends asking ‘what do I need’?! And there is so much out there!

There is so much ridiculous shit that chews into your bank account and clutters your beautiful baby nest so we have put together a few of our favourite things that we consider to be newborn ‘must-haves’.

Forget all the fancy contraptions, and garish plastic toys and basically all the crap, and just keep it simple. At the end of the day, all baby needs is you - everything else is just a luxurious bonus ;)

Newborn essentials:

  • Organic muslin swaddle / wraps (min 3 - you’ll be surprised how many you go through in a day!)
  • Zip-up Onesies ( no-one has time for buttons!)
  • Little socks and beanie (keeps them warm after they’ve been in your cosy womb)
  • Nappies ( Tooshies do tiny sizes for tiny bots, Ecoriginals is another fave)
  • Wipes ( Go for something textured, natural, fragrance free and compostable, we love Ecoriginals)
  • Carrier ( this Ergo one was our fave - super soft and so easy to use for both parents)
  • Stroller (there is so many out there, our favourites are Bugaboo, & Mountain Buggy )

Exciting times ahead mamas! xxxx