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WINTER REMEDY: Honey Onion Cough Syrup

  Via our resident/best mate naturopath, Amanda Callan, this super simple syrup recipe is a little gem for the niggling cough season. The honey extracts all of the healing properties of the onion( in particular the allium and sulphur compounds). You can also add chopped garlic, grated ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper if you wish ) Some people like to keep it raw and let in infuse over a week or so, some people like to cook it down within half an hr. Personally I like to put it on top of our wood fire stove and let it infuse while we sleep. It’s easy, pungent, sweet and powerful and the kids generally love it. Please Note: RECIPE CONTAINS HONEY SO NOT...

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What is muslin?

Sometimes confused with linen because of its appearance, muslin is generally much softer to touch. It’s a breathable and finely-woven fabric made from cotton that is gentle on the skin. Discover the difference between muslin and cotton, muslin and linen, and the history and origins of muslin in our article here.

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3 Reasons Why choosing Organic Cotton is Better for Everyone & Everything

It really should come as no surprise anymore that choosing organic skin products and produce is the way forward. So why don't we also adopt this policy for what we wear? Or even more importantly, what we dress and wrap our little ones in? Does it really make a difference choosing organic? Especially for newborns who outgrow all the beautiful things we buy in a matter of months? Answers to all this and more in our latest article.

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There is so much ridiculous shit that chews into your bank account and clutters your beautiful baby nest so we have put together a few of our favourite things that we consider to be newborn ‘must-haves’.

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Have you heard of that saying ‘when she mothered her own way she mothered her best way’? This runs true across our parenting and our business. Creating and running a brand that stays true to ourselves and what we believe in - organic, sustainable, ethical and happy living. 

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