Sisters, Mia and Hana Taninaka base themselves in the beautiful Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia. They are passionate about organic, sustainable, ethical and happy living. Taninaka was born from a desire to create products for their children that embodied this philosophy. Coming from a close-knit family they believe in creating a product that everyone can use, from the sleeping babies to the papas on their adventures. 

Practical yet beautiful;  these products will fit in to any phase of your life.

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We believe in sustainability through supporting the use of GOTS certified organic materials and processes. Each item is individually hand-dyed at an (100%) organic and vegan dye house in India. The dying process is done completely by hand with the run off successfully used as fertilisation for crops. This no waste, no environmental footprint process is one that we're very proud to be using.

Our dedication to natural, sustainable, eco-friendly dyeing and manufacturing techniques does not compromise on the style and aesthetic appeal of our products but rather innovates them through harmless and honest design.

We are not on the Earth,  we are of the Earth.