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We acknowledge nature’s intrinsic value, and when using nature’s finite resources we have a responsibility to create beautiful, timeless pieces that will last.


Our environmental concerns are in line with worldwide challenges we are all facing; loss of biodiversity, increased pollution and scarcity of natural resources such as clean water and land for food cultivation. As a brand based on the beauty of nature, we have outlined a Sustainability Roadmap to further our intentions and build prosperity as a value-based business.

Working closely with sustainability consultancy, Sonzai Studios, we have created tangible and achievable targeted goals to ensure long-term positive impact. We recognise sustainability as a journey, void of perfectionism or a set destination that requires many small steps and ongoing dedication.

This Roadmap is a work in progress, and as our business shifts and grows, it will be edited and updated.

Thank you for being on this journey with us.

Mia & Hana x



It’s important to us that our material choices reflect our connection to and respect for the environment.  Our wraps, throws, sheets and apparel sets use low-impact natural yarn and are Oeko-Tek certified- an international chemical standard for the dye process. We currently produce with GOTS certified organic cotton, hemp, recycled cotton and recycled rayon and are exploring pathways to introduce more circular fabric options. With 70% of a product’s total climate impact contributed in the raw material and farming stage, we are excited to incorporate the circular economy into our business model and offerings.



We view our suppliers as partners in our business, and enjoy our close working relationships with them. Our products are hand made, and we know it takes many talented people to create the quality pieces we pride ourselves on. We are excited to commit to deeper transparency and regulation to further empower these important partnerships. To date, we have clear Tier 1 transparency and are excited to work with our suppliers on achieving Tier 2 & 3 together. Our first step here is to implement our Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure governmental regulation is followed and procedures adhere to environmental and ethical standards of production.



Packaging and deliveries are our main areas of focus in keeping our current operations environmentally friendly. We champion recycled paper and cardboard across our various packaging elements including our labels, thank you cards, packing slips and wholesale boxes. We use home compostable satchels for ecommerce orders and reduce our impact through consolidated packaging and shipments. When it comes to offsetting, we know it’s important to first reduce and consolidate as much as possible, not only offsetting the last mile. All domestic shipments are sent carbon neutral through Australia post and we are currently looking to create an offsetting partnership for international freight and deliveries. Our goals include a move into renewable energy options, eliminate single-use plastic and create end-of-life strategies for our designs - keeping them in circulation as long as possible.



Our full Sustainability Roadmap is available to download here